Invest surplus cash and earn handsome returns

Agro Farm House
Invest surplus cash and earn handsome returns
Most businessmen and professionals have a problem managing the “cash” they earn. If you keep it at home or in a locker, it earns nothing. Besides, there is always a risk of the taxman taking away unexplained cash.


Invest surplus cash in an asset where your cash can be used up and create a long-term “white” asset for you. While some people use their cash to buy gold, silver, or other illiquid assets with limited growth potential, most advisors suggest buying land or property that will fetch returns.

If you buy agricultural land in your own name, you have twin benefits: the asset appreciates, and you have the option of claiming up to 5 lakh per year as tax-free income.

• Full *Confidentiality*.
• *Secure* Transaction .
• 7/12 Property papers in *Your OWN name*.
• ZERO Brokerage.
• Land ready for Sale Deed.
• *TAX FREE* Agricultural Income.
• Option to Build Farm House as per your choice.
• *Maintenance* facility Available

So, if the agricultural land becomes or is converted to non-agricultural, the land value doubles or triples (and so does your white money). You also have an additional positive cash flow as a result of tax savings.

But not everyone can buy agri-land. Our team can help you overcome all legal hurdles and ensure you get the agri-land sale deed in your name as soon as possible, typically within a month.

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