About Us

Pradeep Kothari Founder Agro Farm Houses

“Agro Farm House” is a Dream Project Founded by Pradeep Kothari.  

Over the last 30 years our teams have worked in several business verticles like Computer Education, Computer Software Export, Polymer Recycling as well as in Real esate. We are a team of developers well versed in Real estate and a passion to Build the Best while making sure that we don’t burn a hole in your pocket.

As a Business Owner, I have observed real estate players for a long time. I have also worked as Vice President at a large builder group and have first hand experience of how “builders” work. I have found them lacking in transparency and found that most “Builders” are mis-selling and short charge clients and are very money-minded.

We at AGRO Farm House are transparent in all our transactions and make sure YOUR satisfaction is a Priority. REALLY.

We understand the importance of your hard earned money and as Warren Buffet rightly said “Price is what you pay, VALUE is what you get “. We make sure you get your investments true worth.

So, we are here to deliver the BEST value for your money and ensure that yours is a good, long Term Investment that will multiply overtime.

I will be happy to share a dialogue with you. Lets Talk.

You can call me on +91 99 27 99 99 73

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